Digestion Problem: For these mistakes, but food is too late to digest, the danger of shear if not rectified now!

Home Remedies Digestion Problem:

To determine Digestion Problem, you must eat too much water daily. Watering becomes easy to solve many problems by playing water

If digestion is not properly, the pain can be done from headache to back pain. If this problem remains day after day, then irritable bowel syndrome, swelling of the body, constipation problems, diarrhea, acid-gas problems. Also, the problem of weight gain, allergic problems, fatigue asthma problems also come if digestion is not properly And so take a look at the digestive problems from the beginning. In most cases we are responsible for indigestion. Do not chew food, do not drink water properly every day, do not sleep properly, and to eat extra spicy foods will be digestive problems. And so whatever must be obeyed from the beginning –

Chewing food- It does not digest at all by chewing food well. So always chew the food and eat. Digestion is easily done only when chewing food. If digestion is good then it can be concentrated on other purposes. The mind is good.

Fermant foods- Foods that have good bacteria are high for the body. Helps keep the gut well. Also, Rose rules, keep these rituals on the feet. All these foods help to improve the digestive tract by eliminating intestinal problems. So after lunch every day, eat it once.

Take care of the liver- alcohol is the same poison for the liver. Those who have any physical problems do not drink alcohol at all. Alcohol causes problems like cirrhosis of liver. And so eat more fresh vegetables every day. Carrots, beets, couch, capsicum, tomatoes are better than you can eat. You can also eat vegetable juice if needed.

Eat water- To fix Digestion Problem, you should eat too much water daily. Playing water becomes an easy solution to many problems. If it seems that there is discomfort after eating, then eat the hot water at least 2 times. Also dab water, fruit juice but be sure to eat all of this.

Green Tea- Eat Rose Green Tea to keep the body hydrate and to prevent Digestion Problem. The best of the ginger, pepper powder can be made with these. Rose fenugreek and bees soaked water will also work.

Detox Water- Rose rules should be eaten by Detox Water. It exits all the toxins from the body. Aloevara and Amla juice are the best as detox water. Which helps in digestion according to Aravveda.

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