Home Remedies on How to Control Diabetes: These 5 Home Remedies Won’t Raise Blood Sugar Levels

How to Control Diabetes:

Eat an apple every day. But do not forget to eat kiwi, avocado, berries

The problem of sugar is now in every house. The number of people suffering from diabetes is increasing like a silent killer all over the world. Eating extra calories every day, not doing any kind of exercise, mental stress increases the blood sugar level And so if the blood sugar is not kept under How to Control Diabetes from the beginning then there can be many problems from there. Sugar has been a problem since a very young age. And so everyone should get their sugar tested at least twice a year. Because if the blood sugar level increases, it can damage other parts of the body. And so the blood sugar level will be under control from the beginning. If the blood sugar increases, not only the risk of diabetes but also multiple physical problems can arise from it.

High blood sugar also puts pressure on nerves and blood vessels. Sudden strokes, retinal problems, heart attacks and any kidney problems can occur quickly if the blood sugar level is high. And so blood sugar levels must be controlled.

First change the daily food list. Eat an apple every day. But do not forget to eat kiwi, avocado, berries. Diabetes patients should eat salad and vegetables regularly. Eating more vegetables will improve digestion and blood sugar will also be under control. Digestion of food is important for diabetic patients. If the food is not digested for some reason then there may be nausea.

Eat almonds, pistachios, walnuts daily to control diabetes. Walnuts are very good for diabetes. Also eat vegetable oil, olive oil.

In addition to diet, daily exercise should also be considered. You have to walk at least 30 minutes. Exercise as well. There will be no pain in hands and feet. Muscles will also be active.

In addition to this, the doctor’s advice should always be kept in mind. If he gives any medicine it should be taken according to the rules. He will also determine the dosage of the medicine. And if the blood sugar is high, it is very important to treat it according to the rules.

How to Control Diabetes | To keep sugar under control, follow these steps:

No sugary food should be eaten. Avoid sugar, rice, sweets.

Seasonal fruits should be eaten. But avoid fruits that are high in sucrose. Like dates, bananas, grapes etc.

The more you can avoid fried food, deep fried food, the better. Eat fruit, but not fruit juice at all.

Go for a walk every day. At least 30 minutes walk.

Late sleep, too much fast food should be avoided.

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