ptsd panic attack: Apart from heart problems, palpitations, know the causes and home remedies

ptsd panic attack:

Anxiety disorders Symptoms and causes: Many times the chest twists and turns, the chest feels tight and unbearable pressure and symptoms of panic attacks.

The number of people suffering from heart disease has increased over the years ptsd panic attack. Since the lockdown, the number of heart attack cases is on the rise. The number of deaths due to heart disease has also increased worldwide. Uncontrolled lifestyle, excessive eating, lack of any exercise – these are some of the causes of heart disease. But not only if there is a heart problem, this problem can also be caused by excessive worry and anxiety. We all have a lot of work pressure in our lives now. There is also mental stress. If there is always fear, fear, restlessness, anxiety in the mind, but there is pressure on the chest. Sudden chest pain, dry throat, choking, shortness of breath are all symptoms of an anxiety or panic attack. Panic attack can also cause chest pain. Chest pain, sudden chest pressure can also be caused by anxiety.

Many times the chest gets twisted around, the chest feels tight along with unbearable pressure and symptoms of panic attack. Many people also experience heartburn, which should not be confused with the pain of a heart attack.

In this way, panic attack should be dealt with by yourself first. It should not be convex. Slowly everything will be fine. Calming the mind, inhale slowly, exhale. Keep counting from 1-10 in your mind. Imagine something, sing a song that calms the mind. Imagine a scene that will keep you calm. As a result, you will get relief from immediate suffering. Don’t be afraid under any circumstances. It is possible to fix everything gradually with your own efforts. Sit comfortably for a while, drink water, this way you can deal with the situation initially. If panic attacks occur again and again then a doctor must be consulted. Walk the way he tells you to walk.

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