Sleeping with wet hair: Do you close your eyes after showering? Never do it again if you know the side effects

Sleeping with wet hair | Side Effects of Wet Hair:

Many people get sleepy eyes after eating, many people get sleepy eyes after taking a bath. So, many are engrossed in deep sleep with wet hair and pillows.

Who does not love to sleep? Ever since entering the office, the feeling of tiredness has become more pressing. Good news for those who can fall asleep anywhere, in any situation. Because there is a special day for sleep too. The journey began in 2008. Like every year, World Sleep Day is celebrated on March 17, 2023. This year’s theme is sleep is essential for health. Physical and mental problems are created when sleep is disturbed. It also creates social, educational and medical problems. As many people get sleepy after eating, many people get sleepy after taking a bath. So, many are engrossed in deep sleep with wet hair and pillows. Especially if women sleep with wet hair and head, it does not do anything good, on the contrary, it creates various problems.

Sleeping with wet hair can harm health? Many people bathe in hot water before going to bed at night to relax at the end of the day to reduce stress. Its level may increase during summer. Changes in body temperature make sleep more vigorous. It helps to fall asleep in an instant while lying on the bed. However, several studies have reported that taking a warm bath or shower before going to bed improves the quality of sleep. In many cases, after bathing or showering at the end of the day, the hair is wet. Going to bed with that wet hair. Sleeping with wet hair increases the chances of getting a cold the next morning. Not only that, sleeping with wet hair can spread fungal or bacterial infections on the scalp, increasing the problem of hair breakage. So you should go to sleep after drying your hair completely as much as possible. Here are the side effects of wetting your hair…

  1. People who are prone to colds should never go to bed with wet hair. Sleeping with wet hair causes problems like cold and cough. It even spreads like the flu virus. Sneezing and coughing can be caused by infection entering the body through the nose, mouth and eyes. It is likely to spread from an infected person to several others.
  2. Applying on wet hair can cause hair breakage. If it is damp and wet, the roots of the hair become weak, excessive shedding occurs during sleep, and hair falls. So avoid sleeping with wet hair as much as possible. This problem is more serious in women. If the hair is braided or tied tightly, the hair problem can be doubled.
  3. Scalp infection spreads more if it is wet. It also increases the problem of bad breath and dandruff. Besides, the bacteria on the scalp also propagates in the pillow. While bacteria thrive in warm places, wet hair becomes a perfect breeding ground.
  4. If your hair is often completely wet before going to bed, apply coconut oil before showering. Always use conditioner after shampooing. Keep your head on a silk pillow.

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